About us
ASR was Founded in 1997. It is an independent third-party verification organization headquartered in Wyoming, MI, USA; it has been successively approved by the US National Accreditation Council (ANAB) ,the US Automotive Industry Corporation, the Group ( AIAG ), the United States International Automobile Supervisory Authority ( IAOB ) and other units.   We mainly provide third-party system certification services such as ISO 9001、ISO 13485、ISO 14001、ISO 22000、ISO 45001、AS 9100…and others. We currently have branches all over the world. ASR Asia Operations Headquarters (ASR Asia Inc.), established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1999, is responsible for the promotion of ASR verification markets in Asia and the management of national ASR representative offices. In all Asian countries, we continue to actively assist each group or individual interested in becoming an ASR Verification Partner, analyzing local verification markets, developing appropriate operational plans, providing the most efficient validation management training and process training for ASR certification standards and granting the final legal authorization. The goal of ASR Asia Certification Services Network is to establish an ASR Asia Services Network and provide the most professional, fair, reasonable, objective, diversified and most valuable services for verification of all ASR clients.