Our accreditation
Since its establishment, ASR has been widely recognized and supported by government agencies or legal entities around the world and most government-owned and private companies. However, we are not proud of this.  We are more active in developing new services. At the same time, we continue to connect the elites and experts in all walks of life to continuously improve the service quality of the ASR team to fully meet the substantive requirements of customers, and hope that ASR’s services can bring greater positive benefits to customers’ business operations.
◆ ASR is rated as a good certification body by the US Quality Digest “Quality Digest”.
◆ ASR is a member of the American Accreditation Association (IAAR) and is rated as a good certification body.
◆ ASR has been satisfied with more than 90% of its global customer satisfaction survey for 10 consecutive years.
◆ ASR has more than 4,000 global licenses, covering dozens of countries on 5 continents.
◆ ASR is the first batch of accredited certification bodies approved by the Vietnamese government.